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LinkSchool E-learning platform

Linkschool provides a platform for students to reach out to one another and also to an instructor to solve problems and share knowledge. This leads to deeper learning and understanding.
Access to Resources
Linkschool Online gives you access to numerous resources like texts and up-to-date research works which are related to the course(s) being offered. This makes learning cost-effective and easier than the traditional classroom.
Videos and Sounds
Linkschool Online gives access to numerous videos on the courses being offered. It combines texts, images and sounds to create a multi-dimensional learning experience which in turn creates an immersive learning environment.
Linkschool E-learning Platform accentuates the user experience one has with instructor led courses by introducing a level of interactivity and practice in the form of games. Challenging tasks are rewarded which keeps the students motivated and involved.

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LinkSkool Online is the premier online school management solution, designed and developed by Digital Dreams Limited.
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Over the years, LinkSkool Online has helped so many schools across the country to improve on their administrative efficiency, increase their productivity and prestige.
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